Master Shahab Mahidashti - 7th Degree Black Belt

Master Mahidashti started his studies of Martial arts in 1973 in his home country studying Kung Fu under Grand Master Mirzaie. In 1977 he moved to the United States; and for the first couple of years he studied, sparred and worked out at various dojos of Ju-Jutsu, Goju Ryu, and kick boxing. In spring of 1979 he started his studies with Grand Master Richard Behrens in his private dojo in NY until 1983 when Grand Master Behrens moved to Florida. Master Mahidashti, a probationary black belt at the time, came down that year with Master Behrens to help establish the school in Margate, Florida. Later that year Mahidashti went back to NY and continued to study with Catalano Sensei 4th degree black belt (the highest ranking instructor of Aiki-Jutsu at the time) and then three years later permanently moved to Florida to continue his studies with the master. In 1992 Mahidashti Sensei (3rd degree BB) moved in as a live in student with Grand Master Behrens and then in the same year opened their first Aiki-Jutsu school and began teaching together.

During this time Mahidashti Sensei and Grand Master Behrens developed and implemented many of the principles of the art in programs to help improve the performance of athletes from various sports until 1996 when Grand Master Behrens moved to New Mexico. At that time the school was turned over to Master Mahidashti (5th degree BB). Master Mahidashti continued his studies and has been teaching the art continually. In 2002 Master Mahidashti was promoted to 7th degree black belt by Grand Master Behrens, as of today the highest rank bestowed by Grand Master Behrens.

Ivan Browner Sensei - 5th Degree Black Belt

Ivan Browner Sensei began his training in 1984 under Grand Master Richard Behrens at his private dojo in Coral Springs, FL and became among the first group of students promoted to black belt in Florida. In 1992 Ivan Browner Sensei (2nd degree black belt) became an assistant instructor under Grand Master Richard Behrens and Mahidashti Sensei at the Aiki-Jutsu school in North Lauderdale, FL. Ivan Browner was Grand Master Richard Behrens’ primary uke and was called upon to assist both Master Behrens and Mahidashti Sensei during their explanations and demonstrations of technique to the students. In 1996 Grand Master Richard Behrens moved to New Mexico and Ivan Browner Sensei became assistant instructor under Master Mahidashti when he assumed the role of head instructor of the Aiki-Jutsu school in South Florida. Ivan Browner Sensei continued to refine his technique and teaching skills during that time and was awarded the rank of 3rd degree black belt. Browner Sensei has remained at the South Florida Aiki-Jutsu school as assistant instructor and was promoted to 4th degree black belt under Master Mahidashti in 2002. In 2007 Browner Sensei was promoted to 5th degree black belt under Master Mahidashti and continues to train and instruct under Master Mahidashti as the head assistant instructor at the Aiki-Jutsu school of South Florida.

Kenneth Bulhack Sensei - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Kenneth Bulhack Sensei began his studies of martial arts in 1982 in Chile, South America. He studied Judo and Shotokan Karate until 1993 when he moved to the United States to attend university. He then continued his training in Goju Ryu and Aikido. With an inclination for the spiritual and a deep interest in practical self-defense, Bulhack found both in one system of Aiki-Jutsu when he was introduced to the art in 1996. He has since been training under Master Shahab Mahidashti [and Ivan Browner Sensei]. He became Master Mahidashti’s primary uke and was among the first group of students promoted to black belt under Master Mahidasti in 2006. In early 2009 he was awarded his second degree black belt and given the title of Sensei. Kenneth Bulhack Sensei, working alongside Master Shahab Mahidashti, helped to establish the dojo in Fort Lauderdale where he currently teaches and studies.